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Episode 356: Trial and Error


We've described the NPC villain speech already. It's only fair to give the players a chance to make some stirring speeches of their own. It's especially effective when they're under some sort of adversity and need to Stand Up To Be Counted or inspire others to do so.

Of course, being unwritten and unrehearsed beforehand makes it a challenge, and prone to inadvertent stumbling and silliness. But that's what good roleplayers live for.


Poggle the Lesser: ...trespassing, destroying assembly line equipment, sabotaging factory computers, flatlining 6 droids, killing 15 Geonosian factory workers—
Crowd in public gallery: <Gasp!>
Poggle the Lesser: —and parking illegally on a steam vent.
Poggle the Lesser: Does the counsel for the accused have any statement?
Padmé: Yes! I would like to make a statement!
Padmé: To begin with, this case should never have come to trial.
Padmé: The steam vent was inadequately signposted.
Padmé: But we're losing sight of the big issue here, the question that's on everybody's mind.
Padmé: Who will look after the workers?!
Padmé: The factory is totally unsafe! Crushers, boiling lead, no safety rails... How many workplace accidents were there today alone?
Poggle the Lesser: ... you mean, besides the ones you caused?
Padmé: You're just throwing suspicion away from the true culprits!
Padmé: I'd like to stand up - stand up, everyone, stand up!
Padmé: Stand up for all those workaday drones who've never put in a sick day in their life!
Padmé: At least not after pupating, anyway.
Poggle the Lesser: Does that conclude your statement?
Padmé: You want my statement? You can't handle my statement!

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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