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Episode 351: PC on Conveyor 12 Struggles Against Inevitable Doom


Never forget all the currently active circumstance modifiers.

This goes double if you're the GM.


Anakin: So what about me?
Pete: Oh, you need to dodge <roll>... five instant-death guillotine blades. Start rolling.
Anakin: 14.
[SFX]: Slice!
Pete: Juuust made it. Next.
Anakin: Hmmm. I need to improve my odds. I use Force Push to slow the next blade.
Pete: All right, you get a one-off +5 bonus.
Anakin: 11.
[SFX]: Slice!
Pete: Okay, next.
Anakin: Force Sensitivity. I anticipate the blades. 18.
[SFX]: Slice!
Pete: Okay, next.
Anakin: 9.
Pete: Ooooh...
Anakin: Don't forget the Force Sensitivity.
Pete: That was only good for one blade.
Anakin: You didn't say that.
[SFX]: Slice!
Pete: Well it's a two-off. You're out of tricks now. Last one.
Anakin: 2.
Pete: Oh dear. Any last words?
Anakin: Yes. "Fate Manipulation reroll."
Pete: <sigh>
Anakin: 13.
Pete: Ha! Not good enough!
Pete: The gleaming, razor-sharp blade descends as if in slow motion and—
Anakin: You haven't forgotten the +1 bonus, right?
Pete: What bonus?
Anakin: The morale bonus. For watching R2 fly.
Pete: ... Right.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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