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Episode 344: Further Masterful and Comprehensive Utilisation of Combat System (Modified)


In making this comic, it's often necessary to abbreviate a lot of the details of game mechanics in scenes to maintain the dramatic flow of the dialogue and the pacing of the story.

This time, we thought we'd make a bonus strip showing you what this scene would really be like if it occurred in an actual game, without editing it down in this way to fit it into one of our standard comics. To see the full scene, simply click on the thumbnail at right.


Padmé: I attempt an Overbear Medium-sized Biped (Winged). 9.
Pete: No good. It makes a Grasping Fend. It has you by the shoulder.
Padmé: I try an Elbow Swipe, while going for a Leg Hook to pull him off balance. 13.
Pete: It counters with a Wing Sweep and One-Legged Clinch.
Padmé: I use the Seize and Vice-grip manoeuvre. 16.
Pete: You have it by the <roll>... upper arms, but need to make a Retention roll against Squirming with a -2 for Slimy Skin.
Padmé: 5.
Pete: It forces the upper hand and you Stagger back a step. You're on the edge of the conveyor.
Padmé: Recovery Clutch! 17!
Pete: That would have worked... if it hadn't taken a neutralising Sidestep action.
Pete: The creature pushes you off the conveyor and into a giant crucible.
Anakin: What's happening to me while all this is going on?
Pete: No, no! This is all one sub-round.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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