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Episode 323: Mace Windu, Where Are You!


Some players are intelligent and thoughtful enough to respond best to the strategy of presenting them with a mystery to be solved, rather than brick walls and railroad tracks.

Actually, pretty much any players over the age of 8 work that way.

Actually, pretty much any players work that way.


Yoda: Perhaps go to Geonosis too, you should, Master Windu.
Mace Windu: I'll go to Kamino and get our clone army to help!
Yoda: Um...
Yoda: To do that, need the permission of the Senate you would.
Yoda: In fact, first inform the Senate of the existence of this clone army we must.
Yoda: In fact, before that, uncover the mystery behind this clone army we need.
Yoda: To. Do.
Mace Windu: What mystery?
Yoda: Never heard of this clone army had the Jedi Council, before Obi-Wan discovered it.
Mace Windu: But the giraffe aliens said it was ours!
Yoda: That... is the mystery.
Mace Windu: Oooohh...

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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