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Episode 302: So, Can I Borrow the Car?


PCs in games often don't have enough character background to even mention family members. Which is a shame, really, since family members provide all sorts possibilities for storytelling and hooks for hanging adventures on.

So if your PCs don't have detailed family backgrounds, this is a great place for creative GMs to exploit the gap and give the characters some family. Hey, if their background doesn't say they don't have family, then they probably do. After all, most people do.

And even if you have a player who is very careful and specifies precisely what family members their character has, you can always invent reasons to add more.


Cliegg Lars: Come inside and share some lunch. There's a lot we need to discuss.
{They are seated for a meal}
Anakin: I just need to know where my mother is. Watto said you'd know.
Cliegg Lars: Yes, I bought her off Watto seven years ago and freed her.
Anakin: Then what?
Cliegg Lars: She stayed on the farm a while until she could afford a home.
Anakin: Get to the point, man!
Cliegg Lars: We fell in love, and got married.
Cliegg Lars: Anakin, I am your stepfather.
Anakin: Noooo!!
Cliegg Lars: There are powers at work that you don't know about.
Anakin: {very calm} I use Force Suggestion. 12.
Anakin: {agitated} Where's my mother?!
Cliegg Lars: She ran off into the desert.
Cliegg Lars: She's afraid of you Anakin. Of what you've become.
{cut to shot of the ship in the desert}
R2-D2: Man. Who do I need to kill to get that sort of rep?

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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