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Episode 291: Scrutiny on the Bounty


Always keep your NPC notes filed away for later use. Pulling old characters back into a game is a good way to establish continuity for your players.

And you can guarantee that if you don't keep notes on some NPC, the players will want to go back and talk to them again at some point later on.


Anakin: Hello, trader. I'm looking for possible bounties. Are there any long-term fugitives still evading justice?
Watto: Ha! First time on Tatooine? Justice isn't something most people care about around here.
Anakin: Really? Not even when the death of a child is involved?
{Watto squints at Anakin}
Watto: If you're talking about Anakin, I've already told the Hutts he wasn't my property at the time.
Anakin: Hmm. Nevertheless, I'm still interested. What's the bounty worth?
Watto: Nothing!
Watto: Bounties don't last longer than a few weeks here. That was, what... ten years ago! He'd be about...
Watto: Say... Anakin? Is that you?
Padmé: Oh! I get it! You're going to collect the bounty on yourself! Clever!
Anakin: Um...
Watto: Aha!

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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