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Episode 278: No, This Isn't Awkward At All


If things start getting a bit awkward between your players, it's probably best to call an end to the session and let them cool off and catch their breath before you assemble for play next time.

If only we could have had a break like this when watching the movie.


GM: This might be a good place to break for tonight.
Anakin: Okay, bye everyone!
Padmé: Hey, um, Annie...
Anakin: Yes?
Padmé: About what you were saying before...
Anakin: ... Yes?
Padmé: What you said... about... you know...
Anakin: You mean, what I said in character?
Padmé: Yeah.
Anakin: In the game?
Padmé: Right.
Anakin: When we were acting?
Padmé: Oh.
Anakin: You were acting, right?
Padmé: Um, yes. Yeah, of course. Totally. I mean...
Padmé: You were acting too?
Anakin: Yes, Jim.
Padmé: Good.
Padmé: I mean... well not good...
Padmé: Not that it's not good...
Padmé: It's... you know...
Padmé: I am completely neutral on whether it is good or not.
Anakin: See you next week?
Padmé: Yes. Yes you will!
Anakin: Okay, bye. {Annie leaves}
R2-D2: Smooth.
Padmé: Quiet, trashcan.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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