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Episode 249: Atomic Space Non-Sequitur


Anything can be done ... in space! This is the simple way to create a science fiction setting. Don't bother thinking up realistic effects and situations that occur in space, that would change the fundamental designs of vehicles and equipment, nor the social consequences, nor any of that boring scientifically accurate stuff. Just take anything you like from our normal everyday world and make it ... in space!


Padmé: I also have a brilliant plan to get to Naboo without Bubble knowing. We'll go undercover. On a bus.
GM: A bus?
Padmé: A space bus. Nobody will expect someone of my importance to go third class.
Anakin: Of course not, M'Lady.
Padmé: Plus, if we're being chased, we can give them the slip.
Anakin: Chased by who?
Padmé: Pirate ninjas again. But in space.
Padmé: Space pirate ninjas.
{beat, Anakin looking confused}
Padmé: Better to be hiding amongst the refugees.
GM: Refugees?? Leaving the most civilised planet in the Galaxy?
Padmé: It's been non-stop violence since we got here. No wonder there are so many people fleeing the planet.
GM: That correlation is caused by a single factor. Has there ever been a game you've played where there wasn't non-stop violence?
Padmé: Yeah, but... Oh wait, no.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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