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Episode 247: Chords and Discord


As a GM, it's always nice to have players who do part of the job of reminding the other players what's happening.

In the process of writing this strip, we researched the following topics on Wikipedia: Rick Astley, Gestetner mimeograph, mulberry paper, almond, ornamental peach, megabats, sausage tree.


GM: Hi Ben. Sally, I didn't expect to see you back after... last time.
Sally: I'm not playing Jar Jar!
GM: Ah... right.
Sally: Ben said I could play Guitar Hero.
Ben: My parents couldn't get a sitter. I owe you one.
GM: I see. Okay, Sally, it's over there. Just keep the volume down.
GM: Right, are we ready? Annie and Jim were just deciding what to do after tracking down the assassin ended so disastrously.
Anakin: You must be careful, M'lady. With Obi-Wan and me suspended from the Jedi order, it will be more difficult to protect you.
Padmé: You got suspended? Cool! Now you can go rogue.
Anakin: No, I need to follow my master's footsteps carefully. Otherwise we might never get reinstated.
Anakin: And that would be a bad thing.
Padmé: Ah.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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