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Episode 243: Shifty Characters


One of the cleverest things you can do as a player is to take some of the GM's lovingly crafted background material and throw it back at him, building your own layers of complexity on top of it in subtle ways that sound perfectly reasonable, but which actually advance your character's agenda.

So far from ignoring all that background guff the GM comes up with, take careful note of all of it. You never know which bits you might be able to exploit later on.


Palpatine: There are grave rumblings afoot, Anakin; the Separatists are gaining in confidence.
Anakin: You are the most gifted politician I have ever met. I'm sure you can handle it.
Palpatine: You must be wary of their leader, Count Dookû; he's a retired Jedi.
Anakin: I think the Jedi Council know something they're not telling us.
Anakin: Have you heard the legend of the Sith?
Palpatine: Yes... but it's just... a myth.
Anakin: I'm not so sure. They suspended us for no good reason, when Jedi resources are stretched. I fear some evil influence is at work.
Palpatine: Really?
Anakin: The assassin was a shapeshifter. Anyone on the Council could be... not what they seem.
Palpatine: You know, I've been through Jedi training myself.
Palpatine: I know the rush of power; you mustn't let it get to your head.
Palpatine: The midi-chlorians heighten awareness. Sometimes too far.
Anakin: Are you calling me paranoid?
Palpatine: Are you?
Anakin: Are you?
Palpatine: Maybe.
Palpatine: They can also cause déjà vu.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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