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Episode 241: Rap Sheet


One of the fun things about being a GM is when you play NPCs who are the superiors of the PCs. This is when you can - in character - really let them know just how stupidly they've been behaving, how many rules they've been flouting, and what the consequences of their actions should reasonably be.

So make sure you write down every little thing they do wrong, every tiny step out of line they take, every rule they bend (or more often smash into a thousand tiny pieces), so when the time finally comes you can play the role of unimpressed boss properly. Your players will love you for the richness and depth of your background world and the fact that all actions have logical consequences.


Yoda: ... speeding, driving out of designated lanes, abandoning your post as bodyguards to a Senator, wilful destruction of windows in a heritage-listed apartment building causing glass to fall on citizens—
Obi-Wan: It did fall slowly...
Yoda: —interference with a power station, death stick trafficking, reckless use of laser sword in a public place.
Yoda: And not only that, failed to protect a witness, you did.
Anakin: Witness?! She tried to kill Senator Amidala.
Yoda: Cut off her hand, you did—
Obi-Wan: I'll try not to make a habit of it.
Yoda: —and then get shot let her. And to show for it, what have you?
Obi-Wan: We have the dart. It should lead us to whoever hired the assassin.
Yoda: No choice the Council has.
Yoda: Suspended from the Jedi order you are.
Obi-Wan: ... Suspended?
Anakin: But with pay, right?

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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