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Episode 232: Think of the Poor Little Dice


All gaming groups have their own little quirks and customs. To outsider, or relatively new players, these can look strange. But after you've been playing for a while, you start to accept that when you join a new group they may all suddenly break out into a chorus of an obscure Welsh folk song whenever anyone mentions dragons. Combine these quirky behaviours with dice superstitions, and you have a recipe for some very spooky cases of "everyone but me knows what's going on".


GM: The assassin aims a blaster at you. Make a Dodge roll.
Anakin: Er. 4.
GM: You drop your laser sword.
Obi-Wan: 17! {Obi-Wan, in pursuit, catches the sword}
Anakin: Hmmm.
Anakin: I try and grapple with the driver.
R2-D2: Oh no...
Padmé: Oops.
Obi-Wan: Um...
Anakin: What? Aren't there rules for grappling in this game?
Anakin: Why is everyone covering their dice?

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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