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Episode 209: The Saga Continues


Here we are, the second movie.

Playing groups of course change over time, splitting up, and recombining when circumstances allow the same people to get together once more. Real life would be more fun if it didn't interfere with getting your gaming group together.


GM: Right, the old team reassembled. Good to see you again, Annie.
Annie: Thanks. I kind of missed you guys and the game. Sally, you've really grown.
Sally: I like your earrings.
Annie: Thanks. Hi, Jim. Pete.
Jim: Hi! It's been, what, two years?
Pete: I'm only here because you said it would be a new campaign.
GM: Yes, that fantasy one is done.
Pete: Thank god.
GM: We're picking up the science fiction one again. It's ten years after you recovered the Lost Orb of Phanasta—
Pete: So I'm R2-D2 again?
GM: Yes. Ben is Obi-Wan, Jim is Padmé, Annie is Anakin, and Sally is Jar Jar.
GM: Here's the intro:
Opening Crawl: Episode II - THE SILENCE OF THE CLONES. There is unrest in the Galactic Senate. Several thousand solar systems have declared their intentions to leave the Republic. This separatist movement, under the leadership of the mysterious Count Dookû, has made it difficult for the limited number of Jedi Knights to maintain peace and order in the galaxy. Senator Amidala, the former Queen of Naboo, is returning to the Galactic Senate to vote on the critical issue of creating an ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC to assist the overwhelmed Jedi....
Pete: So, I'm a droid, right? I can't die?
Ben: You can be dismembered by laser sword, if necessary.
Pete: Not given your recent attempts at swordsmanship.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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