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Episode 206: Best Waylaid Plans


Before we go on into the next movie, we're having a brief intermission.

So here you have it: The GM's original campaign plan, before the game started.


{A page showing the GM's handwritten notes}
List item: Ben
List item: Jim
Paragraph: The PCs are two Xagy {"Xagy" is crossed out and "Ceda" inserted, which is also crossed out, and "Jedi" inserted} Knights, guardians of peace and justice throughout the Galaxy. Chancellor Zod {crossed out and replaced with "Valorum"} of the Galactic Republic sends them to negotiate a trade agreement with the Trade Federation. {marginal note: NPC aliens. Speak with an accent to emphasise alien-ness. Robot servants "androids" crossed out with note "not human!" followed by "aliendroids" crossed out, then "thingdroids" with the "thing" part crossed out} The Trade Federation are maintaining a blockade of certain incoming goods to a small planet {marginal note: Details won't be needed in the first session} in protest against taxation of trade routes. The blockade allows them to operate a monopoly on the planet with their goods.
Paragraph: Once the Xagy have settled the trade dispute, they are to hang around and perform some small missions for the Trade Federation as a show of goodwill. (Perhaps they can offer their services as a sweetener for the trade agreement!)
Paragraph: After gaining the trust of the Trade Federation, the Xagy receive a coded message from Palpatine, the Republic Senator from the planet - who was actually the one who requested assistance from Chancellor Zod. Palpatine says the Trade Federation have stolen a precious artefact from his people. Now that they have gained the Federation's trust, the Xagy's {inserted word: true} mission is to subtly {underlined} investigate them and find out about this mysterious Lost Orb. {marginal note: It actually generates power}
Paragraph: After some adventures, the Xagy should find the Lost Orb is powering the Federation HQ ship! They also uncover hints that the Orb originally belonged to the Greelo {crossed out, replaced with "Splondos", "Ewoks", and finally "Phanastacorians", also crossed out with a note: Think of a better name later. Peaceful tree-dwelling herbivores, 6 legs, no ears}, the indigenous race of the planet, and had been stolen by the humans some time ago (for ostensibly noble purposes). Whether they decided to hand the Orb over to Palpatine or return it to the Greelo will determine their role in an ongoing campaign. {marginal note: character-defining moral dilemma!} (If the players enjoy it so far.) Hopefully!

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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