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Episode 201: Let Them Eat Cake


And then there is the moment of GM realisation when it hits you just what it means to let a player take over an NPC who has some serious power.


Padmé: I think you can kiss your Trade franchise goodbye. Now get out of here. And don't mess with this badass Queen again!
Nute Gunray: Savour this victory as you would your rast.
{Nute Gunray and Dofine turn and are led away by Naboo guards. Palpatine appears from his transport ship.}
Palpatine: Good news, Your Highness: I've been elected as the new Chancellor of the Republic.
Padmé: Cool. And as your Queen, you'll be taking orders from me now.
Palpatine: Um... I'll give your advice the consideration it deserves, Your Highness.
Padmé: Awesome! Let's raise taxes.
Palpatine: Hmmm. When I was a Jedi, I campaigned hard to reduce the burden of the common people.
Palpatine: I stepped down so I could enter politics and help Naboo more directly. And now I've been granted the chance to serve the entire Galaxy; it's a great honour.
Obi-Wan: You're a retired Jedi?
Palpatine: Yes, my courtesy title is Darth Sidious, but I don't use it much because active Senate titles outrank it.
Padmé: And one day you might be nearly as powerful as me!

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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