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Episode 183: Plot, Plot, Plot, Plot, Plot


Darth Maul says very little in the movie. Around 50 words or so.

We thought we'd give him just a little more to say.


{flashback scene of Trade Federation Headquarters control room}
Dofine: Sir, the Jedi. It rooks rike they're... pranning to search the loom.
Nute Gunray: That settles it. Destloy their ship and flood the loom with knockout gas. We'll intellogate them once we have them lestrained.
Trade Federation bridge crew member: Uh, sir... they're attacking our droids. They're coming up to the blidge!
Nute Gunray: Seal the blidge.
Dofine: They're still coming through!
Nute Gunray: <sigh> Send in the droidekas.
Darth Maul: {voiceover} "Soon after you split, Queen Amidala called the Feds..."
Queen Amidala: Enough of this pretence, Viceroy.
Queen Amidala: I'm aware the Chancellor's Ambassadors are with you now, and that you have been commanded to reach a—
Nute Gunray: Jedi spies, you mean. Beware, Your Highness... the Naboo have gone too far this time.
Queen Amidala: We would never do anything without the approval of the Senate. You assume too much.
Nute Gunray: We will see.
Obi-Wan: {non-flashback} Losing sensation in my arms. Not to mention my ears...

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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