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Episode 181: The Anagnorisis Begins


There are several scenes in the movie that we've had to skip over because there were never any PCs present to see what was going on. But it's always been the case that in our conception for this comic, those scenes still happened. We've used the flashback structure to show one of those already, in Episode 139.


Darth Maul: Listen, kid, you're obviously in over your head. I dunno what you think you know, but here's the gen, straight from the horse's mouth.
Darth Maul: {voiceover, flashback shot of Palpatine and Maul talking on Coruscant} "Palpatine hired me to do some digging into this Lost Orb. I used my contacts, got the lowdown, and planted a stooge with the Trade Federation."
Darth Maul: He's in place.
Palpatine: Good.
Darth Maul: {voiceover, flashback shot of Jedi ship approaching Trade Fed HQ} "That's when he had Valorum call you saps in to negotiate that trade deal. He wanted you on the inside before contacting you with secret orders to look for the Orb."
Captain: With all due respect for the Trade Federation, the Ambassadors for the Supreme Chancellor wish to board immediately.
Nute Gunray: Yes, yes, of course. As you know, our brockade is perfectry regal, and we'd be happy to leceive the Ambassadors.
{Flashback panels showing TC-14 reporting to leaders}
Darth Maul: {voiceover} "But he messed up by bringing Jedi in. The Feds were on to his game."
Nute Gunray: What? What you say?
TC-14: The ambassadors are Jedi knights, I believe.
Dofine: I knew it! They were sent to force a settlement.
Nute Gunray: No, I know what they're after... Get Senator Parrpatine on the rine!
Obi-Wan: {non-flashback panel} Is this story going to go on much longer? My fingers are getting tired.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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