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<     Episode 174: im in ur bubble, killin ur gunganz     >

Episode 174: im in ur bubble, killin ur gunganz


The reason the grass is so flat in this part of Naboo is because those giant droid irons are flattening it down. They'd be great for keeping golf courses in trim.


{Scenes of destruction on the battlefield as the Gungans and the droid army engage in fierce combat.}
{The droids blow up a shield generator on the back of one of the giant dinosaur ponies, letting the droid tanks into the battle.}
Captain Tarpals: General Jar Jar! Thissa fight not going so good!
Jar Jar: Use da explodey soap bubbles!
{The Gungan troops launch explodey soap bubbles at Jar Jar's command.}
Combat Droid 1: Danger! Danger!
{A soap bubble hits a droid tank, releasing electric mosquitoes which short out the tank and cause it to crash.}
{The droids, however, are overwhelming the Gungans through sheer force of numbers.}
Jar Jar: Wesa needs some help to squash thesa droids!
Qui-Gon: {off-screen} I cast Summon Bigger Fish.
GM: You're not there! You're in the laser sword fight in the palace!
Qui-Gon: Oh, darn!
Obi-Wan: That's your reason for not letting him do that??
Jar Jar: When are da geysers gonna erupt...?
{The droids start getting the upper hand in the battle.}
Combat Droid 2: Man, these Gungans are feeble.
Combat Droid 3: When are we gonna get a stand-up fight and not just another bughunt?

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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