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Episode 161: ... But They'll Never Take Our Giant Dinosaur Ponies!!


If you're playing with someone new to roleplaying, it's to your advantage to teach them all the most important details of how to play the game effectively. Even if they don't fully understand quite what they're doing yet.


Jar Jar: Listen up, Gungans!
Jar Jar: Wesa outnumbered and outgunned. Thissa fight bein' tough.
Jar Jar: Mesa thinkin' many of yousa bein' afraid. Mesa been afraid before. Mesa bein' scared of heights.
Jar Jar: But mesa had lots of adventures and learnin' heights not so scary.
Jar Jar: Droids not so scary either! Look at Artoo...
Jar Jar: well, yousa can't see him now, but he'sa short and cuddly.
Jar Jar: And wesa has a secret weapon! Wesa brave!
Jar Jar: Don't worry if yousa fail. Yousa gets to roll again.
Jar Jar: And makes sure yousa takes the +2 flanking manoeuvre whenever yousa has initiative!
Jar Jar: If a droid attacks yousa, take an immediate feint and counter-strike action, because that gives yousa +1 to hit without sacrificing yousa next turn's defence bonus.
GM: Pete's been coaching you, hasn't he, Sally?
Jar Jar: He'sa so smart!
R2-D2: The cuddly part was all her.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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