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Episode 159: MacGeyser


No seriously, have you ever seen a sheet of paper in any of the Star Wars movies?

That's because there aren't any!

This was such a significant fact that the writers of the first edition of Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game went to great pains to point out that there is no such thing as paper in the Star Wars universe, and make sure that players were aware of the effects this would have on proper characterisation in the setting.

I vaguely recall seeing somewhere that this was a deliberate creative design decision by George Lucas, the idea being that the lack of paper would help make the setting seem more alien. Which when you put it that way doesn't sound so stupid. Taking the functional place of paper are such things as datapads and durasheets.

However, expanded universe writers have gone and used paper in some of their works, so the canonical position on the existence of paper is now somewhat confused.


Boss Nass: Jar Jar, whatsa yousa battle plans?
Jar Jar: Okay. Wesa know da droids don't work underwater.
Jar Jar: So wesa make big bubbles around da Gungan army and fills them with water!
Jar Jar: Gungans okay, but if da droids come near wesa, theysa 'splode!
Obi-Wan: How are you going to fill a hemispherical force field with water? That would take—
Qui-Gon: The geysers! Jar Jar, you're brilliant!
Qui-Gon: We take the battlefield just before high tide.
Jar Jar: And when da bubbles full of water, wesa breaks them. Da flood destroys da droid army!
Jar Jar: Kaboomies!!
R2-D2: That might actually work.
[SFX]: < tong fop-jing >
Obi-Wan: Astromech droids should be back in the ship, not out here in a swamp.
R2-D2: Do you see any paper in this universe? Someone has to project this stupid hologram for you!
[SFX]: < squee bop pading boodle bebebedooby ping bedoop bleeping bop >

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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