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Episode 113: Extra Baggage


We're not sure exactly what that is that Shmi is working on in this scene, but some of that stuff on her workbench looks an awful lot like Lego Mindstorms. Makes you wonder what C-3PO is really built out of...

This is possibly the first instance of Qui-Gon applying logic to come to a logically correct conclusion. Now he just needs to work on his premises.


Qui-Gon: I've won your freedom in the pod race. So you're free to come with us now.
Shmi: Oh, wonderful! Anakin, pack your bags.
Qui-Gon: Oh, er... you wanted him to come too? I thought he should stay and run your mob.
Shmi: Mob politics aside, he's my only son. I can't leave him behind.
Qui-Gon: But—
Shmi: And besides, you are blood-twins. That is an oath of responsibility.
Qui-Gon: But—
Shmi: He'd never be able to look after himself on his own.
Qui-Gon: But he just killed a kid! He'll be fine.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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