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Episode 94: Bad Line Call


If only someone else had thought twice about including lines like that in this story.

And yes, everyone knows that adding stripes to something makes it go faster.


Shmi: Be safe, Anakin.
GM: You know, we really should have a player roll the dice for the boy during the race, since so much is riding on it.
R2-D2: I'll get out my custom racing dice with the go-faster stripes.
GM: Not you.
Shmi: Who then?
GM: How about you do it? He's your son, after all, and you haven't rolled any dice yet.
Qui-Gon: Yeah, time for some real roleplaying.
Shmi: Um, okay... Let me just get into the right mindset.
Qui-Gon: {to Anakin} With my mini-chlorines in your blood, you can't lose.
Anakin: {now played by Shmi's player} Yippeee!
Anakin: Sorry, wait. That line doesn't work at all for this character.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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