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Episode 77: All that Glisters is not Blasters


Actors, of course, do roleplaying exercises to help them in the process of convincingly assuming the role of some character. Many of the exercises done in drama classes involve improvisation, where you have to pretend you are the character in question and act as if you were them, without the help of a script. It requires fast thinking and the ability to know what someone other than yourself would do in given situations.

Acting classes, unfortunately, seldom hand out loot and skill points for success in this exercise.


Qui-Gon: So why are we still sitting here eating? We could be out fighting bad guys and looting their blasters.
Shmi: We're doing well with this improv roleplaying. Isn't character development what it's all about?
Qui-Gon: Yeah, but to do that we need to get loot and buy up our skills.
Shmi: Oh. I think I missed that bit...
Qui-Gon: So. Blasters. Could we raise some money somehow and buy them?
Jar Jar: Didn't wesa wants to get blasters so wesa can sells them to pays for da ship parts?
Qui-Gon: Hm?
Jar Jar: If wesa gets money, wesa doesn't need da blasters!
Qui-Gon: Ahh. Yes, very cunning. Okay, what about that bounty on Cheddar monks? I could hand myself in and collect it.
Shmi: Such a noble act of self-sacrifice!
Qui-Gon: Well, I'd escape, obviously.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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