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Episode 58: Take this Handmaiden


In the original movie, what possible reason could Qui-Gon have for taking Jar Jar with him into the town?

Obi-Wan: Be careful, Master. It'll be dangerous and dramatic in the town.

Qui-Gon: You're right. I better take some comedy relief with me. Jar Jar!


GM: You set out across the trackless wastes towards the city on the horizon.
Panaka: Wait!
Panaka: The Queen is curious about this planet. She orders you to take her handmaiden, Padmé, with you.
Jar Jar: It'sa could be dangerous.
Qui-Gon: Good point, Jar Jar. We should take the Queen herself.
Panaka: What?
Qui-Gon: Nobody will shoot at the Queen.
R2-D2: Yeah, that worked so well last time...
Jar Jar: He'sa right!
Panaka: The Queen is... er... not going to go with you. Take the handmaiden already.
Qui-Gon: Oh man! This Queen is a royal pain in the butt. How stupid is she?!
R2-D2: Let's see: (a) She's in the air-conditioning while we're out here in a hostile desert busting our servos to upgrade her ship with our money.
{they walk across the sand in silence}
Jar Jar: Whatsa (b)?
R2-D2: I think point (a) is sufficient.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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