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Episode 48: Hung Out To Dry


It's always a bit confusing for the new player until things settle down a bit. After a while, you realise that everything happening around you actually does make sense, given what's happened earlier in the campaign.



R2-D2: Let me get this straight. We're trying to break through a blockade of laundry ships, right? Did we not pay our bill or something?
{Silent panels of Panaka and Jar Jar looking boggled.}
Qui-Gon: I've filled Pete in on some of the details of the campaign so far.
Ric Olié: It's the Trade Federation invasion fleet!
Ric Olié: We've taken damage!
Obi-Wan: This is the pride of the Naboo fleet. Surely it has shields of some sort.
Ric Olié: More precisely: the shield generator's been damaged. Another hit and we're dead.
R2-D2: Awesome.
Qui-Gon: I've got an idea!
Obi-Wan: It's not Summon Bigger Fish, is it?
Qui-Gon: Don't be stupid!
Qui-Gon: That would only take one or two hits, at most.
Qui-Gon: Tell them we're bringing up a load of the Queen's laundry.

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Published: Sunday, 25 September, 2011; 02:54:32 PDT.
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