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Episode 26: This is Serious


When you think about it, tabletop roleplaying is in some ways a pretty silly activity. At least when done properly.

But hey, it's a way of having fun. Even grown-ups need to play and engage their imaginations. Roleplaying games are just a somewhat more sophisticated means to that end than what children do naturally when they play make-believe.

As a GM, much of the creative aspects of the make-believe fall on your shoulders. Which is why it's so good when a player comes up with something cool and potentially dangerous that you can co-opt outright and work into the game.


Boss Nass: {white balloon (spoken by Sally)} Jar Jar, whatsa you be doing backy here?
Jar Jar: Ooh, big Boss Nass, mesa helps these peoples excapes.
Boss Nass: Yousa break no-humans law! Yousa bein' pune-ished!
Jar Jar: Oh nosa! Please Boss Nass, nosa!
Boss Nass: And theesa humans, wesa bein' cooking them up for the big feast!
GM: Uh, Sally, will you please stop playing with those two dolls?
Jar Jar: But that's what you do!
GM: No, we're playing a serious game. Those are miniatures.
Jar Jar: Okay...
Jar Jar: So what happens next?
Boss Nass: {GM yellow balloon now} Yousa break no-humans law! Yousa bein' pune-ished!

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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