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Episode 2: Not Negotiable


If there's one thing players love more than shopping for gear, it's complaining about not being able to get the gear they want.


Obi-Wan: So what weapons can we afford?
Qui-Gon: There's laser swords. We can get one of those each.
Obi-Wan: I suppose they'll have to do.
Qui-Gon: They sound lame. If this is a space game, we should have blasters.
GM: Are you quite ready to get on with it?
Obi-Wan: Okay, so where are we?
GM: Were you even listening? You're on a Trade Federation battleship.
Qui-Gon: All right! So who do we kill?
GM: <sigh> You're first level. You're just here to negotiate.
Qui-Gon: I can't negotiate with a sword! I need a blaster!

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Published: Thursday, 21 December, 2017; 19:33:02 PST.
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