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Page 50: Logan's Run

Page 50: Logan's Run

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If there's any way to get a fellow player to not trust you that is faster than passing the GM a note, then it hasn't been invented yet. It's orders of magnitude more paranoia-inducing than merely attempting to inject their character with some unknown substance, for example.

In the universe the players inhabit, X-Men does not exist. That's the premise of this entire comic, after all. But most of the other things we know and love (such as spandex costumes) do, albeit modified by the lack of X-Men:

Vision-Impaired Transcript

GM: You regain consciousness just as Jean is about to inject you with something.
{flurry of action}
Jean Grey: I'm not going to hurt you!
Wolverine: Yeah, right. I saw those notes you passed to the GM.
Jean Grey: They were character development notes!
Wolverine: I break free and run for the nearest door! 18!
GM: <sigh> You escape into a gleaming metal corridor.
{shots of Wolverine wandering a bit}
{Wolverine makes his way to Xavier's office}
Xavier: Hello, Logan.
Wolverine: How do you know my name?
Xavier: I took Bald and Paraplegic to get enough points to buy the most awesome psychic powers ever!
Cyclops: {entering} You're not the only one who got cool superpowers.
Cyclops: I can shoot energy bolts from my eyes.
Storm: And mesa makes rainbows and pretty animal shapes in da clouds!

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