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Id 50: Booster on the Loose

Id 50: Booster on the Loose

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Ever since the good old Tome of Clear Thought and associated magical books listed in the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide, players have sought various means of increasing their character stats through the use of what is essentially "get better stats quick" schemes. As with schemes of the "get rich" variety, these are usually either dangerous, illegal, or both.

Not that that ever stopped anyone.

In the real world of the Ids & Idiots universe, of course, Forbidden Planet doesn't exist. That's the premise of this entire comic, after all. But most of the other things we know and love (such as mad scientists with beautiful daughters) do, albeit modified by the lack of Forbidden Planet:


Robby: Sorry, gentlemen. Dr Morbius has instructed me not to let you in.
Commander Adams: We shoot!
Robby: Oh please. I neutralise the guns.
Altaira: Robby, let them in.
Robby: Oh come on. Can't I rough them up a bit?
Altaira: Your behavioural inhibitor won't let you harm any living being.
Robby: I won't hurt them. Much.
Commander Adams: Altaira, our ship's been sabotaged.
Doc Ostrow: While they catch up, I sneak off to the Krell IQ booster.
GM: A few minutes later, Robby enter carrying the Doc's barely conscious form.
Doc Ostrow: Monsters, John! Monsters form the Id!
Commander Adams: You fool. Anything that increases stats is going to have some curse attached!

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