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<     'ay' 10: Hoch nuH yIqel     >

'ay' 10: Hoch nuH yIqel

<<wa'DIch     <vebHa'     veb>     HochDIch (DIvI' Hol)>>

merlu'chu' meqmey'e' muchbogh QujwI'pu'. SIQlaHbe'taHDI' Quj SeHwI', bIQ'a'Daq 'oHtaH 'etlh'e'.

peqel: yanlu'taHvIS, nISwI' tIH way'lu'meH, vangmeH Do DuHHa'chu'qu' poQlu' 'e' luQIjbe'qu' QujwI'vam yep. vangpa' <<'u' QeD chutmey'e' pabbogh QujwI'pu'>> ghu' nuDqu'.

Do'Ha' nagh beQ lut 'ay'vam: qaStaHvIS jIH lut 'ay'vam, wanI' Daj ta'be' Qui-Gon Obi-Wan je. vaj yapbe' naghmey beQ vIlo'laHbogh. roD QIbmey DMvo' nongbogh ghot Sar Sam Shamus Young; 'ach rurbe' DawI'pu'ma': QIv DameH laHchaj.

tlhIngan Hol: David Trimboli (SuStel), Robyn Stewart (Qov)

Translator Notes

The title of this episode is the idiom Hoch nuH yIqel. Literally, it means Consider every weapon, but its idiomatic meaning is Consider every option.

Interrupted sentences are odd to translate. Klingon sentence order is approximately the reverse of English sentence order. If someone only says half of an English sentence, you can't just give the second half of the Klingon sentence! In these cases I have to guess what the character is going to say and cut something else off.

This time the GM says "the Trade Federation have sealed the—" In Klingon we'd have to start with what they sealed. What did they seal? I guessed they sealed off the deck, so I started talking about the choQ (deck) and cut it off while the GM was naming the mechmeH DIvI' (Trade Federation).

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Published: Friday, 02 May, 2008; 22:18:49 PDT.
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