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<     'ay' 8: You Have Chosen Your Weapon, So Fight!     >

'ay' 8: You Have Chosen Your Weapon, So Fight!

<<wa'DIch     <vebHa'     veb>     HochDIch (DIvI' Hol)>>

<<— wIjeybe'lu'chu'meH majeghjaj.>>

qaStaHvIS Quj SeHwI' yIn, pIj QIp QujwI'pu' 'ej yepHa'chu'. qo'na'Daq qaSchugh, Hegh QujwI'pu'. ngugh chaH DatoDmeH tlhegh DajaD. batlh jeghlaH 'e' Dachaw': latlh ghu', HeghmoHbe'bogh QughHom, lulajlaH. chaq Dajbogh ghu', Hoq joq qaSmoH lajDaj'e'. ngugh qImHa' QujwI'pu' yepHa' 'ej yov.

ngugh chaH DaSanglaH.

tlhIngan Hol: David Trimboli (SuStel), Robyn Stewart (Qov)

Translator Notes

Klingons are proud of their language, but English has certain uses for them. One of these uses is as a symbol of rank and status: educated and important Klingons use it among themselves to show off to their peers.

Therefore, the original Latin title, Alea Jacta Est "The die is cast," has been replaced by a proverb more appropriate to Klingons (but which still pertains to this episode), and has been translated into English. That proverb is nuHlIj DawIvpu', vaj yISuv!

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Published: Friday, 02 May, 2008; 22:18:49 PDT.
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