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Episode 119: Time to Go


This footage comes from yet another deleted scene on the DVD release. The old woman is Jira, who we saw very briefly in Episode 68. In the movie she has a line there, warning Anakin and the others about the impending sandstorm, but we skipped that for space reasons. Using this deleted scene gives us a chance to reinstate Jira to a speaking role.


Jira: You're leaving, Anakin? Won't you miss your mother?
Anakin: There's a time for us... some day, a time for us...
Jira: So... you will miss her?
Anakin: Time together with time to spare...
Qui-Gon: Um... Anyway, he has to come with us. He's on the lam for that kid he whacked.
Jira: That was you, Anakin? You killed Greedo?
Anakin: Time to look. Time to care...
Jira: You better run, before Watto and the Hutts find you here.
Qui-Gon: She's right; you're in danger too. Let's go.
Anakin: Some day!
Qui-Gon: No... Now!

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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