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Player Characters

Brody Police Chief Martin Brody played by Jim.

Brody is the Chief of Police in the sleepy holiday town of Amity.

Jim is a rather gung-ho roleplayer, interested in action, cool fight scenes, and lucrative spoils over careful consideration or puzzle solving. He frequently acts before he thinks, which includes fixating on his own strange explanations for setting details that the GM hasn't explained yet.

Hooper Dr Matt Hooper played by Ben.

Hooper is a marine biologist specialising in sharks.

Ben is a thoughtful roleplayer who tries to think through the best course of action within his character concept and the setting. He enjoys coming up with clever ways to justify the success of his plans within the premises of the setting.

Quint Sam Quint played by Pete.

Quint is a professional shark hunter.

Pete is an old friend of Jim's. Jim invited him along to join in this new game. Pete designed a character to maximise all the skills he thought would come in most useful in a 1970s shark-hunting adventure, at the cost of being a grizzled sea captain with Bully and 4 levels of Overconfidence.

Non-Player Characters

Ellen Brody Ellen Brody.

Ellen Brody is Martin Brody's wife. She keeps an eye on killer shark stories and tries to keep everyone out of trouble, which seems to be a very difficult thing to do with so many gung-ho shark hunters around.

Mayor Larry Vaughn Mayor Larry Vaughn.

Larry Vaughn is the mayor of Amity. His real concern is recovering the mystical Lost Orb of Phanastacoria, a powerful tourist attraction capable of bringing hordes of summer vacationers to Amity.

Deputy Jeff Hendricks Deputy Jeff Hendricks.

Hendricks is the police deputy of Amity. Ellen Brody trusts him implicitly but, thanks to his black hat, Chief Brody suspects him of some sort of nefarious plotting to lure him into dangerous waters. Who is right remains to be seen.

Mrs Kintner Mrs Kintner.

Mrs Kintner is the mother of young Alex Kintner, who gets eaten by a shark. She is 38 years old, and uses her great wisdom and popularity to convince the town that they need to do something about the shark menace. How exactly she gets away with this is a mystery.

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