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Scene 50: Pie in the Sky

Scene 50: Pie in the Sky

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We've said before that one way to make NPCs memorable and distinctive is to give them different voices or accents when speaking in character. Another method is to act out scenes between NPCs with puppets. No, really! Try it sometime.

Asking your players to use puppets might be going a bit too far, though.

In the real world of the Amphibians & Anthropomorphisms universe, of course, The Muppet Movie doesn't exist. That's the premise of this entire comic, after all. But most of the other things we know and love (such as fast food frog's leg franchises) do, albeit modified by the lack of The Muppet Movie:


Gonzo: I still say this many balloons can't lift me.
Sally: They're floating balloons, silly!
Kermit: Faster! Faster! Let me drive!
Fozzie: Stop distracting me. Remember what happened with the Studebaker?
Miss Piggy: Here's the plan. We fill the car with helium so it floats too, then we can just grab Gonzo.
Fozzie: And all of us will drift off!
Miss Piggy: Which way is the wind blowing, Sally?
Sally: West!
Miss Piggy: To Hollywood! Brilliant!
Sally: Doc Hopper is chasing you, with a shotgun!
Kermit: What's this on the map?
Sally: A billboard with a giant custard pie on it!
Kermit: Aim for that.
Fozzie: Are you nuts?!
Fozzie: Hey, let go of the wheel!
[SFX]: Crash!
Sally: The pie flies through the air and hits Doc Hopper's car!
[SFX]: Splat!
[SFX]: Bang!
[SFX]: Pop!
Sally: His gun shoots Gonzo's balloons! Gonzo lands on your car!
Fozzie: Can we take these stupid puppets off our hands now?
Gonzo: Actually, I'm really getting into it.
Sally: Yay!

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