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Episode 1064: Talk is < cheep >


When players point out how they are abusing the rules of the game...

Go buy a lottery ticket.


R2-D2: It's simplicity itself. Go into the tree and send your mind out to Vader. He's surrounded by clones. Mind control them and have them all shoot at once.
R2-D2: It's even possible he might not be able to kill you through the psychic link!
Luke: Vader's gotta be prepared for that. He's been working with those guys for decades.
R2-D2: Okay, time out.
R2-D2: I don't understand why you're letting me get away with this.
R2-D2: At first it was cool, it felt like I was being clever.
R2-D2: But as you continued not calling me out on it, I started feeling guiltier and guiltier.
GM: What are you talking about?
R2-D2: You're letting me talk to Luke!
GM: So?
R2-D2: I can't speak, I can only beep. And Threepio isn't here to translate. Have you forgotten?
R2-D2: You're ruining the experience!
Luke: Well, I did grab the ship's translator after I told you to guard the ship.
R2-D2: Oh.
[SFX]: < eefloo >

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