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Episode 785: Rubble Barney


A good skill roll should always be cause for celebration. Just make it appropriate to the situation.

Celebrating a critical hit with a high-five in the middle of combat is marginal.

A full-scale Bollywood dance routine with hirelings serving as a chorus would be more suitable.


GM: You exit hyperspace right into the middle of an asteroid field.
Obi-Wan: Hmmm. We were supposed to be at Naboo. Perhaps you should have mashed those controls instead.
Chewbacca: Actually, we have indeed arrived at our intended destination.
Chewbacca: It appears... a tragedy has befallen this planet. I am sorry, my friends.
C-3PO: All the good people on Naboo. Jar Jar. Padmé's family. Boss Nass.
R2-D2: Don't forget Governor Bibble.
C-3PO: And all the big fish. They're all dead. Their vaporised bodies floating with the asteroids.
Han: Yes!
R2-D2: I know what you're going to say next.
Han: I used the nav computer correctly!
R2-D2: Oh. I thought you'd suggest we loot the planet.
Han: Don't be so callous. Now, which chunk do you guys want to be dropped on?

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