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Episode 708: Where Are Your Manas?


A neat way to make an adventure setting seem exotic and unique is to take something mundane and normal in our everyday world and tweak it a bit to make it slightly weird. Change the colour of something to some colour that it doesn't normally come in. Change the shape, or the smell, or the size.

Or for real fun, change the number of legs, the length of the teeth, and the amount of aggression towards humans.


GM: Adam, you're sitting with your parents eating dinner.
Beru Lars: Drink your milk.
Adam: Cool, what does it give me?
Beru Lars: Vitamins. You know that.
Adam: Oh, a health potion?
Beru Lars: It's just milk. Drink it.
Adam: But it's blue!
Beru Lars: Adam, let's not go through this again. If you don't drink it, you'll die.
Adam: Whoa. Okay.
{Adam drinks}
Owen Lars: After dinner we'd better refuel the generators. That should keep the perimeter guns powered for the next month.
Beru Lars: That reminds me of some interesting chatter on the Black Alpha channels.
Beru Lars: I've almost decrypted the subliminal sub-noise signal layer.
Adam: What?
Owen Lars: All you need to know is: Don't go out at night. Don't talk to strangers. And don't look at the sky.
Beru Lars: If you do, you'll die.

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