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<     Episode 652: Tomorrow Never Dies     >

Episode 652: Tomorrow Never Dies


When a PC does exactly what you want...

Celebrate! It's a rare event!

Then wonder what they're up to...


Palpatine: Captain Tàrkin, this is Darth Vader. I have appointed him Supreme Commander of the Republic Military.
Tàrkin: Ah am, 'ow you say, plizzed to meet you.
Darth Vader: How goes the Peace Moon construction?
Tàrkin: Zese cyborgs and droids, zey are useless! Ah need clones instead. From your army.
Darth Vader: Very well.
{Tàrkin leaves}
Palpatine: Well handled, Lord Vader.
Darth Vader: I'll kill him tomorrow.

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