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Episode 368: I Am Not a Crook!


Gaming groups, like all tight-knit groups of people, have their collective quirks. Some tend to quoting movies or comedy sketches, others pull practical jokes. And some - the highest echelon of geeky humour of all*- engage in punning.

* Because the point of humour is of course to make the listener groan.


Padmé: I swing on my chain and kick the Nixon as it tries to attack.
GM: Nexu.
Obi-Wan: You neglected to get Sally's help with these creature names, didn't you?
GM: {aside} Although that gives me a good idea for a political campaign.
[SFX]: 13! {Padmé whacks the nexu}
Nute Gunray: I understand the scoring. But why are the guards arrowing the prisoners to fight back?
Count Dookû: Ah, simplement! Ze referee, 'e 'as invoked ze offside rule.
Anakin: I spur the reek to charge at the nexu.
[SFX]: Graaarrrh!
GM: Make a Riding roll.
Anakin: Oops. 4.
{Anakin falls off and is dragged by the reek}
Anakin: This is such a drag.
Obi-Wan: I can't believe you made that pun.
Anakin: Sorry. You didn't find it funny?
[SFX]: Ryyaarrrk!
Obi-Wan: No no no... You're finally one of us!
Padmé: One of us! One of us!

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