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Cheddar Monk Academy - Padawan Mala Kethel

Cheddar Monk Academy | Challenges | Padawans

Padawan Mala Kethel has completed 11 challenges and scored 68 points.

ChallengePointsTime (GMT)Notes
Loyalty, Level 1:
Pledge of Allegiance
5   2009-10-26 07:22:52   A new arrangement for piano, recorder, and multiple clones! This effort earns a bonus style point! Video here.
Exploration, Level 3:
5   2009-12-21 06:48:38   A wonderful travelogue video showcasing Hoth! High resolution still here, here, here, here.
Force Levitation, Level 1:
3   2010-01-02 00:59:10   Nice snowball work on Hoth. video here.
Force Sensitivity, Level 1:
Detect Evil
10   2010-02-02 17:10:39   You successfully detected the evilness or otherwise of 32 people out of 32.
Secrecy, Level 1:
Secret Padawan Phrase
1   2010-02-03 09:55:01   A clever solution to this challenge.
Laser Sword, Level 1:
Build your Laser Sword
8   2010-02-03 10:07:54   An exemplary demonstration of how to build a laser sword! We hope the other Padawans pay attention to this one. The self-accompaniment on piano earns a bonus point! Video here.
Creativity, Level 1:
Title Crawl
8   2010-03-29 06:00:23   A crawl above and beyond the criteria of the task! Bonus point awarded, well done. Video here.
Negotiation, Level 2:
Suggest a Challenge
5   2010-06-07 09:19:07   Excellent suggestions... heh heh heh...
Creativity, Level 2:
Cheddar Carving
8   2010-09-12 00:16:25   Excellent carving effort, combined with other challenges! Video here.
Mechanical Ability, Level 1:
Build a Podracer
10   2010-09-12 00:17:15   First class podracer building and flight, combined with other challenges! Video here.
Exploration, Level 4:
5   2010-09-12 00:17:41   Good and extensive exploration work, combined with other challenges! Video here.

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